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Training has become one of the most important methods used to improve and develop the skills of the engineers and for the evaluation their competencies in various fields. It has become clear that the promotion of human performance is the main objective of all its origin, to cope with the continuous changes in the economic markets. Tc Libya provides specialized engineering design courses for Oil & Gas sector, where the Training department has a group of competent training teams specialized in all engineering fields.



Training in Libya

Tc Libya can provide a range of training programs related to Design in the Oil & Gas projects, as well as special training programs tailored to suit customer needs.

Prior to the signing of any agreement between the Tc Libya and any Client, and to ensure the ease and quality of the training program, the following steps recommended:

1- Tc Libya training coordinator shall present all available training programs as well as discuss the training needs of the client.

2- Tc Libya training coordinator shall deliver a presentation (if needed) on the available training programs.

3- Discuss any changes in training programs.

4- A complete technical and financial offer shall be delivered as agreed.

The courses include:

  Course material (soft & hard) copy + Notebook.

  Complete stationery.

  Refreshment during the training.

  Certificate of completion of the course.

  Attendance report.

  Trainee performance report.

Training Abroad

We can provide training in Tunisia and Malaysia:

Training in Malaysia

Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Training place: Geomatika University College

Our training venue in Malaysia is a famous university which is an education training Centre that aims to provide quality education and training accessible to a wide scope of recipient.

We can offer and support education and training programs in various fields from the lowest to highest institutional level of education.

We also offer customized training courses for the Oil and Gas companies.

The courses offered include motivational programs, communication skills and course for most of software’s.

What is more in the programs?

1-All programs are Certificated.

2-Provision of free Training material.

3-Provision of refreshment during the training.

4-Visa fees for the participant are depended on the duration of the program.




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